Top 5 Signs You Need Oven Repair

Noticing the need for oven repair not only prevents safety concerns, but it can also save you money.

Fixing a broken oven sooner rather than later can keep the problem from becoming worse and, therefore, more expensive to resolve. Plus, if you call for oven repair early on, you shouldn’t even have to think about budgeting for a costly replacement appliance.oven repair needed

If your oven won’t turn on at all, you know to contact an authorized service technician. But sometimes, appliance problems aren’t quite so obvious. Watch for these five red flags and, if you spot any of these issues, you may need to call for oven repair.

No. 1: Gas Smell

Because gas has no natural odor, a harmless chemical is added to make it smell like rotten eggs. If you notice that scent after turning on your gas stove, oven or range, turn it off and reach out to an oven repair expert right away. You could have a leak, and continuing to use the appliance is dangerous.

No. 2: Electrical Issues

Don’t have a gas appliance? Electric ovens may not leak dangerous gas, but they can develop unsafe power issues. If the controls don’t respond right away, the appliance refuses to turn on or you observe fluctuations in power, stay on the safe side and schedule oven repair as soon as possible.

No. 3: Oven Door Won’t Close

So your oven door doesn’t shut all the way – what’s the big deal? Simply put, if the door can’t close properly, you can’t properly cook your food. An authorized service technician can replace the hinges or refit the door, saving your meals and allowing your appliance to work at optimal efficiency.

No. 4: Changes in Cooking Times

Are your tried-and-tested recipes are suddenly coming out undercooked or burned for no apparent reason? Or have you had to alter the cooking times for meals that regularly hit your family menus? Any differences like these need to be addressed by an expert in oven repair.

No. 5: Burner Problems

If the burners on the top of your oven aren’t acting right –they don’t turn on immediately or fail to get as hot as they should, for example – ensure your safety and speak with an authorized service technician soon. Getting prompt attention from a repair professional is a good idea, even if the burner problem springs up only occasionally.

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