Refrigerator & Freezer Repair

Is your refrigerator making a strange sound? Does it run constantly? Is your ice cream soft or melting? If so, it’s time to call Kimball Appliance Parts and Service. Proper operation of your refrigerator and freezer is vital to food freshness and safety, and it’s an appliance you can’t live without!

We offer refrigerator and freezer repair to homeowners across the Salt Lake City, Kansas City, and Denver region. The Kimball team can come to you and provide fast, efficient service when your refrigerator is on the fritz.

Is Your Refrigerator Running?

refrigerator repair and freezer repair UtahWhen your refrigerator is broken, there’s not much you can do other than call a service technician and hope for the best. But sometimes your refrigerator is still running, it’s just not running efficiently. Or it’s running in spite of a major problem.

For example, some homeowners report leaks either inside or outside the fridge. Sometimes the refrigerator or freezer runs constantly, no matter the temperature setting. A loud humming noise may or may not accompany this constant running, and it could drive you crazy!

To Repair or Replace?

There might come a time when your aging refrigerator continues to break down even with proper maintenance. When is it time to stop spending money on repairs and invest in a new appliance?

It can be hard to make this determination alone. Trust the Kimball Appliance team to give you our best professional recommendations. We want you to get the most for your money and see the biggest return on your investment.  If you’re in need of refrigerator repair in salt lake city, Call Kimbal Appliance today!

What We Can Do to Repair Your Refrigerator & Freezer

We come to your home with our fully equipped service vehicle and immediately set to work diagnosing the problem. Given our extensive experience with refrigerator and freezer repair, it usually doesn’t take us long to pinpoint the motor or mechanism that’s the source of the issue.

We carry a full range of parts so we can fix the problem on the spot. That means you can get back to having a functioning refrigerator or freezer as soon as possible. If we can’t fix the problem right away, we order the part immediately and return on the double to complete the repair.

We Provide Refrigerator Repair & Freezer Repair in Your Salt Lake City, Kansas City, or Denver Home

We travel to wherever there are refrigerator or freezer repairs to be made. All it takes is one phone call and a quick rundown of your problem and our crew is on their way. Kimball Appliance Parts and Service is a name you can trust when it comes to household appliance repair, and we back it up with every service call.