Stove & Oven Repair

Looking for oven repair in Salt Lake City, Kansas City, or Denver? When your electric cooktop won’t heat up or your gas burners won’t turn on, you know who to call: Kimball Appliance Parts and Service. Your stove and oven are essential functioning components of your kitchen — except when they aren’t. When you have a cold range and a hungry family to feed, we can provide a timely stove and oven repair on the double.

Kimball Appliance Parts and Service makes it our mission to respond quickly when our customers call with requests. We are well-versed in handling all types of kitchen appliance breakdowns, including electric and gas-powered stoves, ovens and ranges. We can help you today!

We Support Home-Cooking

stove repair and oven repair in UtahWhether you use your stove or oven daily or you’re just an occasional home chef, you deserve to have this vital kitchen appliance functioning at all times. Microwave meals just don’t cut it — you need a stovetop and baking capability to produce home-cooking that hits the spot!

Don’t let a cooktop breakdown interfere with quality family time around the dinner table. Get help now from our proactive service team.

Common Stove and Oven Repairs in Salt Lake City, Kansas City, and Denver

Homeowners run into countless stove and oven problems over time. Maybe the burner won’t light. Or if it does light, maybe it’s too hot. This could be due to a bad switch, something we can take care of immediately. If your oven heats slowly or the broiler doesn’t work, we can find the cause. If nothing’s working, you definitely need our help right away!

High-Quality Oven and Stove Repair You Can Count On

Gaskets, burners, heating elements, valves, igniters, spark modules, safety valves … the list of parts that must function for your stove or oven to do its job is long. The good news? We service it all.

From controller boards to thermostats, we offer high-quality component replacement and high-end repair. Manufacturer name doesn’t matter — we’re qualified to handle even the exclusive brands. Ultimately, we’re known for providing exceptional work at competitive prices.

Call Kimball for Your Stove and Oven Repairs

There isn’t a convenient time for your oven or stove to break down. Thankfully, we’re available at all times. Any time is a good time for you to call Kimball Appliance Parts and Service, serving Utah, Missouri, and Colorado. We’ll respond right away and find an appointment slot that works for your busy schedule.

We live by a commitment to our clients — leave our job site looking better than we found it. We treat your appliances and your entire home like we would our own: with care. Our years of experience and extensive training make our team the right choice when you need stove or oven repair at your home. Get in touch today for a free quote!