Stove Not Lighting? Call Kimball for Stove Repair.

09-Nov-2021 Comments kimball_admin

stove won’t light

Your stove is a critically important part of your kitchen. You could handwash the dishes if your dishwasher is broken or put your food in a cooler while you wait for refrigerator r ...

Expert Appliance Repair in Salt Lake City

12-Oct-2021 Comments kimball_admin

appliance repair

If you live in Salt Lake City, you want to find an appliance repair shop you can rely on. That’s Kimball Appliance Parts & Service. We have many years of experience repairing ...

Dryer Not Heating? You Need Dryer Repair.

14-Sep-2021 Comments kimball_admin

dryer repair

It’s so frustrating to open your clothes dryer expecting to take out a warm, dry load of laundry and instead being greeted by a batch of soggy, wet clothes. You end up having to ...

Is Your Freezer Frosty? You Need Freezer Repair.

10-Aug-2021 Comments kimball_admin

frosty freezer

Few homeowners today are old enough to remember freezers that needed defrosting. That job is a thing of the past — or at least it should be. If you have frost in your frost-free ...

Is Your Refrigerator Not Cooling?

13-Jul-2021 Comments kimball_admin

refrigerator repair

When your refrigerator is not cooling, it’s not doing its job. Whether the food in your fridge is not as cold as you would like or it’s downright warm in there, you need refrig ...

Washer Won’t Spin? You Need Washer Repair.

08-Jun-2021 Comments kimball_admin

washer repair

Have you ever opened your washing machine at the end of a cycle, expecting to transfer the clothes to the dryer but instead you see the washer is still full of water? Momentarily, ...

Dishwasher Woes? Get Appliance Repair!

11-May-2021 Comments kimball_admin

You thought your dishwasher was one thing you could count on to wash your troubles away — troubles like big pots coated with chili sauce, greasy frying pans and casserole dishes ...