Expert Appliance Repair in Salt Lake City

If you live in Salt Lake City, you want to find an appliance repair shop you can rely on. That’s Kimball Appliance Parts & Service. We have many years of experience repairing all makes and models of home appliances, including washers, dryers, stoves, ovens, refrigerators, freezers and more.

As appliance repair techs in Salt Lake City, we tend to see the same types of problems with home appliances. These include:

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Washer Won’t Drain

There are a number of reasons your washer won’t drain. It could be a kink in the hose, a clog in the drain or a part on your washer that needs replacing. Call Kimball for appliance repair — we can help.

Dryer Isn’t Spinning

While we get a lot of calls about dryers that won’t heat up, we also get plenty of calls for dryers that won’t tumble the clothes. The problem is usually a broken belt. The belt is what spins the drum inside the dryer, and replacing it is usually an easy fix.

Stove Won’t Light

Sometimes homeowners can solve the problem of the stove not lighting on their own by cleaning the burner area carefully. Grease and grime buildup are the main causes of stoves not lighting. However, if cleaning doesn’t work, call us for appliance repair. Problems with gas stoves are not usually DIY fixes.

Oven Doesn’t Turn On

It’s frustrating when you preheat the oven for dinner only to find that it’s still cold 10 or 15 minutes later. You’re left with no way to cook the dinner you planned. This is often an igniter issue, or some faulty wiring. It’s usually fixable, but it’s definitely a job for a professional appliance repair tech.

Refrigerator Is Leaking

At one time or another, we have all probably lived in an apartment in which we kept a rag under the fridge because it was always leaking. We understand — you hate to pay for a service call if the problem isn’t serious. With a leaking fridge, you may want to try checking your freezer to see if you inadvertently blocked the defrost drain. If moving items around in your freezer doesn’t help, the problem could be your supply lines or defrost drain. Our techs can help.

Freezer Isn’t Cold Enough

Your freezer may feel cold, but your ice cream may be too soft. If your freezer isn’t keeping your food frozen, it could be in danger of spoiling. Check to make sure the gasket around the freezer door is tightly gripping the fridge all the way around. Old gaskets can dry out and crack. Cleaning your coils in back of the fridge also might help. If these fixes don’t do the trick, call Kimball Appliance.

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Kimball Appliance Parts & Services serves customers in Salt Lake City, Utah; Kansas City, Missouri; and Denver, Colorado. Trust our technicians with all your appliance repair needs.