Washer & Dryer Repair

When the washer and dryer go down, the laundry piles up. And when the laundry piles up, so does your annoyance.

Laundry day might not be anyone’s favorite, but it’s necessary. When you’re out of clean socks and have no way to rectify the situation, it’s time to call Kimball Appliance Parts and Service in Salt Lake City, Kansas City, or Denver.

Washer and dryer repair can be a lot more complex than you realize. It’s not as easy as merely figuring out what the problem is — it’s essential to fix it, for good. That’s where Kimball comes in.

The Top Problems We See for Washers & Dryers in Salt Lake City, Kansas City, and Denver

washer repair and dryer repair in UtahWhen you need washer and dryer repair, it’s usually due to one of many common complaints. For washing machines, Utah homeowners report the basin won’t fill with water, or there is too much water, or it’s leaking all over the floor. Maybe it’s due to a clogged drainpipe. Maybe the sensors aren’t working.

Whether the washer won’t spin or the motor won’t turn on, a broken washer is a broken washer, and we can fix it.

When dryers break, there is no doubt. Wet laundry goes in and wet laundry comes out. Or maybe it’s just damp. Still, your dryer isn’t doing what you need it to, and you can’t keep hanging clothes around the house or out on the line.

What’s the point of having a dryer if you can’t expect warm, dry laundry that’s ready to wear after one cycle?

We’re Committed to Solutions for Washer Repair & Dryer Repair

Whether your laundry machines won’t spin, won’t drain or won’t turn on at all, Kimball Appliance Parts and Service is on the job. We travel throughout Utah with parts on board, ready to fix both washers and dryers of all manufacturer and model types.

Beyond fixing the immediate problems with your laundry machines, we also make it a point to offer plenty of preventive tips so you don’t need additional washer and dryer repair anytime soon. We make sure your laundry machines don’t break down again!

Laundromats Aren’t Fun — We Can Repair Your Washer & Dryer

Loading your laundry in the car and heading to the laundromat gets old after one trip. You’d rather not go back to the pioneer days of washing clothes by hand, either. That only leaves one option — call Kimball Appliance Parts and Service, serving the Salt Lake City, Kansas City, and Denver area. Between our parts warehouse and our fully stocked repair fleet, we have the tools to initiate a quick resolution, getting your washer and dryer back in working order fast.

We can help when you need friendly and skilled washer and dryer repair. Kimball Appliance Parts & Service has seen it all and fixed it all, and we won’t judge those piles of dirty laundry either! Set up an appointment today.