Viking Range Appliance Repair

Viking Range is the trusted name in quality appliances. As pioneers of the first professional-grade appliances for home use, the Viking brand is found in many high-end kitchens as well as in commercial settings.

Viking Range Appliance RepairBecause of the quality of the manufacturing, it may be less likely that you’ll experience a breakdown if you own Viking appliances. But if you do, you need a qualified tech on call. You need Kimball Appliance Parts and Service in Salt Lake City, Kansas City, and Denver.

Trained, Experienced Techs at Your Service

Viking’s complex and intricate design means a higher-quality appliance, but it also means repairs can be complex — more so than common manufacturer-brand products. Would you have a Ford mechanic work on your Ferrari? Similarly, you want the best of the best servicing your Viking Range appliances, and that’s where our experience and skills can offer benefits to you.

The Right Viking Range Appliance Parts on Hand

What sets Kimball Appliance Parts and Service apart from the competition is our impressive, fully stocked selection of Viking-issue parts. From vent hoods to wine coolers, we are able to make the necessary repairs right away — no need to wait for a part.

This is especially helpful when it’s an essential home appliance that breaks down. You may argue that your wine cooler is essential, but you’d probably agree that a broken refrigerator is much more of a nuisance in your everyday life. Kimball can get your kitchen systems working again, and fast.

Maintain Warranty Coverage — Call the Professionals for Viking Range Appliance Repair

Viking Range offers warranties on its products, but repairs should be made by professionals who are qualified to handle the job. After a major investment in a high-end appliance, it’s important to preserve warranty coverage. You can do this by trusting an authorized service team such as Kimball Appliance. Keep your warranty and your peace of mind intact with our help.

Trust Kimball for Viking-Authorized Service in Salt Lake City, Kansas City, and Denver

As a Viking Range-authorized service technician team, we are the top choice for all high-end appliance repair jobs in Salt Lake City, Utah, Kansas City, Missouri, and Denver, Colorado. The first step we take when you call is to ask you about the problem you’re experiencing. This will help us pinpoint the root of the machine’s dysfunction.

Once we find a convenient time for you, we deploy our service truck and Viking Range technician to you. Our Utah service area is wide-ranging, so even if you live as far south as Payson, you can depend on us.

We always provide clear quotes up front for anticipated work and there are no special added charges to surprise you at the conclusion of our service call. With a dedication to leave the work area cleaner than we found it, you’ll appreciate the respectful attention you get from everyone at Kimball Appliance Parts & Service. Give us a call today and let’s work on getting your Viking machines back in good working order.