Washer Won’t Spin? You Need Washer Repair.

Have you ever opened your washing machine at the end of a cycle, expecting to transfer the clothes to the dryer but instead you see the washer is still full of water? Momentarily, you wonder if the cycle is not finished yet. But alas, that’s the not the problem. That’s when you need to call Kimball Appliance Parts & Service, serving Denver and the surrounding area, for washer repair.

washer repair

Washer Won’t Drain/Washer Won’t Spin

A washer that won’t drain can a different problem from a washer that won’t spin. Your washer may not be draining because it won’t spin. Or, it may not be able to spin because it won’t drain.

The reason your washer won’t drain may be due to a clogged drainage hose. This happens more often when a household has pets. Washing machine drain hoses are not very wide, so they can get clogged with hair, pet hair, lint and other debris.

The drainage hose may also have somehow become kinked or bent.

Modern washers are built so that they only spin when the lid is shut. This is to protect users from accidental injury. Your washing machine lid is equipped with a plastic projection that goes into a hole when you close the lid. Inside this hole is the spin switch. If the switch is broken, your washer won’t be able to go through the spin cycle.

The problem also may be with a belt or pump.

Clothes Are Still Wet & Soggy

Other times, your washer spins and the tub is empty at the end of the cycle, but the clothes are still wet and heavy. They will take forever to dry if you put them in the dryer this way.

Often, the reason for this problem is an unbalanced load of large or heavy items like sheets and towels. Did you notice your washer making a lot of noise during the spin cycle? Has it moved from its regular spot on the floor? If so, try redistributing the washer’s contents more evenly and running the spin cycle again. If the washer slows down and starts to make a banging noise as it begins to spin, try again.

Another reason for soggy clothes after a spin cycle is tht your washer may be unbalanced. Check to make sure all four corners of your machine are on solid ground at all times.

Call Kimball for Washer Repair

While you can troubleshoot some problems yourself with your washer, at other times, you need professional washer repair in Denver. That’s when you should call the team at Kimball Appliance Parts & Service.

Our experienced appliance repair technicians will figure out what’s wrong with your washer quickly. We know what a hassle — and an expense — it is going to the laundromat, so we want you to have a working washer again ASAP.

For washer repair, refrigerator repair, oven repair and all types of appliance repair in Denver, Salt Lake City, Kansas City, Lakewood and Lee’s Summit, rely on the knowledgeable technicians at Kimball Appliance Parts & Service.