Is It Time for Appliance Repair or Replacement?

Should you schedule appliance repair or spring for a replacement machine?

You might think starting fresh with a brand new machine is best. In most cases, however, appliance repair is a smarter choice. Repairing an oven, refrigerator, washer, dryer, dishwasher or other home appliance that has stopped working usually costs much less than purchasing a replacement – and often, a seemingly-dead machine only needs a quick and simple fix.

appliance repair replacement

However, the appliance repair-or-replace decision isn’t always easy to make. If you’re unsure which route to take, ask yourself the following questions.

Is the Appliance Really Broken?

At the first sign of trouble with an appliance, some people overreact and head right out to buy a replacement machine. Before you jump the gun, take a look to make sure there’s no obvious issue like a tripped circuit breaker or clogged vent. Ask any repair technician – these types of issues are surprisingly common.

Has the Appliance Broken Down Before?

If this is your machine’s first offense, running out and immediately buying a replacement really doesn’t make sense. Of course, the reverse may be true if you’re constantly facing malfunctions and breakdowns – but checking with an appliance repair technician first is still a good idea.

Are There Hidden Costs to Replacement?

In some cases, the cost of buying a new machine ends up being much higher than the store price tag. The kitchen cabinetry may need to be modified to put a new refrigerator in the old spot, for example. Or, the home’s electrical wiring may need an upgrade for a new oven with all the latest bells and whistles. When replacement comes with hidden costs, appliance repair can definitely be a bargain.

Do You Still Have Warranty Protection?

If your machine really is broken – or you think it might be – check your owner’s manual to see if it is still under warranty. If coverage is still in effect, you may be able to completely cut the costs of appliance repair or replacement.

Are You Concerned About Energy Efficiency?

Replacing an old, power-hungry clunker with an energy-efficient machine can be a money-wise move. However, for appliances that still have many years of useful life left, buying a replacement may not be cost-effective – you could spend thousands, only to save hundreds on your energy bills.

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