Scotsman Ice System Maintenance & Repairs

The holidays are coming, and with them company, parties and many opportunities to use your Scotsman ice system. But have you had it serviced lately? The last thing you want is for it to conk out in the middle of your celebration. Call Kimball Appliance Parts & Service today to set up a maintenance check on your Scotsman ice machine.

Scotsman ice system

Scotsman Ice Machines

For years, Scotsman was a reliable provider of ice machines to commercial business such as bars, restaurants and cafeterias. When it expanded into the residential business, homeowners everywhere rejoiced at the opportunity to make slushies, cocktails and have parties in the heat of summer with coolers full of ice, beer, soft drinks and more.

Whether you previously used old-fashioned ice cube trays or you relied on your refrigerator to dispense your ice, neither is adequate if you’re having a party. Your guests expect cold beverages, and you can’t rely on Old Man Winter to keep them cool this holiday season.

Before you got your Scotsman Ice system, you had to go out and buy ice from the grocery store or another location. It’s inconvenient and it’s money you don’t need to spend. Your Scotsman ice machine has been a true convenience to you. But have you performed any maintenance on it?

Scotsman Ice Systems Maintenance

You should clean your Scotsman ice machine at least twice a year — more often if you have hard water. Follow the directions in your Scotsman ice system manual for proper cleaning of your ice machine.

When your filter or condenser is dirty, it can affect the operation of your Scotsman ice machine. It may make less ice than you want, it may make ice more slowly than before or it may leak.

If your Scotsman ice machine won’t make ice, you may think it’s broken, but oftentimes the solution is to move the machine, because it will not make ice when the temperature is below 55 degrees.

Scotsman Ice Machine Repairs

A common problem with Scotsman ice systems is that the machine will maddeningly say “bin full” when there is no ice in it. This is often a sensor issue. You can try cleaning the sensors, but you may need to call us for appliance repair.

If your Scotsman ice maker is making a scary noise, it’s best to call us right away, before the machine stops working altogether. Unusual noises worth investigating are squealing, louder-than-normal humming, grinding, rattling or whistling.

Funny-looking ice is another complaint we hear from time to time, and this is often due to leaks or broken or dirty parts. Call us for repairs.

Dependable Appliance Repair

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