Is Your Refrigerator Freezing Food?

Lots of customers call our appliance repair shop because their refrigerator is not cooling the way it should, but we also get our fair share of calls about refrigerators that are too cold. Salt Lake City homeowners who are frustrated because their refrigerator is freezing food should call the experienced repair techs at Kimball Appliance Parts & Service for refrigerator repair.

refrigerator repair

Refrigerator Temperature

Most homeowners and apartment dwellers are aware that somewhere inside their refrigerator is a dial that allows them to set the temperature. You should keep your refrigerator at 40 degrees for optimal food preservation. You can check your refrigerator’s temperature with an oven thermometer or even a regular outdoor thermometer. Or, you can simply adjust the setting based on your tastes and preferences.

Once you get your fridge at the temperature you like, it’s smooth sailing — until your temperature sensor malfunctions. You’ll be able to tell when you get up one morning and grab the orange juice only to find out it has frozen solid overnight. You’ll want to blame someone else in the house for tampering with the controls, but you can see that it’s on the same number it’s always been on. That’s when you need to call us for refrigerator repair.

Freezing Can Ruin Some Foods

It’s true that a refrigerator that won’t stay cold poses a greater hazard than one that is too cold. Many foods can spoil quickly without proper refrigeration, especially meats, fish, chicken and dairy products. Most foods can withstand having been accidentally frozen. You can simply thaw your OJ and other items and they will taste almost the same.

The exception would be leafy greens, herbs, eggs, soda, cooked pasta, jelly, potatoes and some other types of vegetables like peppers and celery. Your cheese might get a little weird if it freezes, but it’s probably still OK to eat.

Still, no one wants to have throw away any food that spoiled due to a refrigerator malfunction. It’s disappointing and annoying.

Refrigerator Repair in Salt Lake City

When you call Kimball Appliance Parts & Service for refrigerator repair, we’ll ask you what brand of fridge you have and what’s wrong with it to help ensure we have all the parts we might need to complete your repairs without having to make a trip back to the shop.

Your technician will arrive promptly, diagnose the problem and make the repair. Afterward, he will check the temperature of the fridge to make sure it is functioning properly.

Our technicians provide skilled repairs quickly and with a smile. We also offer freezer repair, oven repair and all types of appliance repair to customers throughout the Salt Lake City area. We also operate locations in Denver and Lakewood, Colorado; and Kansas City and Lees Summit, Missouri. Call us whenever you need appliance repair.