Should You Get Appliance Repair or Replacement?

When an appliance breaks down, most homeowners hope that it can be fixed. That’s because appliance repair is so often significantly cheaper than replacement. But does it always make sense? The technicians at Kimball Appliance Parts & Service explain what to consider when deciding on appliance repair or replacement.

appliance repair

Age of the Appliance

The older appliances get, the less efficient they are. This is especially true if regular maintenance has not been done on the appliance. If your dryer vent is perennially clogged with lint, if your stovetop burners don’t light because they are full of debris or if your freezer space shrinks as the frost grows, your appliance is needlessly working overtime, and this shortens its life span.

Unlike furnaces or air conditioners, most small household appliances can be easily maintained by the homeowner. For tips about appliance maintenance such as how to clean refrigerator coils or get odors out of a washing machine, contact Kimball Appliance Parts & Service.

Cost of Appliance Repair

When you have an older appliance — even one that has been well maintained — you must weigh the cost of the appliance repair against how long you expect the appliance to last. Sometimes getting the opinion of the appliance repair technician can help you make this decision.

If your repair will cost $300, versus $1,500 for a new appliance, this sounds like a good deal. But how long will the repair last? Will something else break in the meantime? Will the appliance run well after the repair, or just so-so? These are not always questions that can be answered.

Can You Afford a New Appliance?

Appliance replacement is almost always more costly than appliance repair. But if a new appliance will be a budget-buster, you may not feel like you have a choice.

One thing to remember is that when you get a new appliance, it will be more efficient and cheaper to run. If you have a very old fridge, for instance, it might cost you $200 a year to run. In comparison, a new, Energy Star-rated fridge may cost $25 to run. While this is indisputably a significant savings, it’s not exactly enough to fund the purchase of a new fridge.

Most stores that carry appliances allow consumers to pay for them over time, or you can put your purchase on a credit card. Both of these options will mean incurring interest charges, however.

Sometimes the best solution is to pay for the appliance repair and immediately begin saving for new appliance, so when yours finally breaks down for good, you won’t have to ask yourself if you can afford a new one.

For the best appliance repair in Salt Lake City, Kansas City and Denver, trust Kimball Appliance Parts & Service.