Clothes Dryer Repair Resolves These Common Problems

Do you need clothes dryer repair?

If your dryer isn’t working properly, the appliance may only require a simple fix. However, determining the right dryer repair solution can be difficult, since every issue can have several potential causes. Clothes Dryer Repair


Hiring a local appliance parts and dryer repair service is your best bet, if you want to avoid going to the laundromat – and who wants to do that?!

No. 1: The Dryer Won’t Turn On

If your clothes dryer won’t start at all, it may not be getting power. The wall outlet could be the source of the problem, or you may have tripped a circuit breaker.

The dryer repair solution may also be to replace the door switch. When this component deteriorates or becomes damaged, it can prevent the appliance from turning on.

A blown thermal fuse is another possible cause. However, this is only likely if the temperature gets too high and the appliance overheats.

No. 2: The Dryer Isn’t Heating Up

If your machine isn’t producing heat – assuming you don’t have it on a no-heat setting — a tripped or burned out thermal fuse could be to blame.

The problem may also be in one of the appliance parts involved in controlling heat operations. Clothes dryer repair may require replacement of the temperature switch, thermostat or timer.

Another possible reason is an issue with the heating element. If this appliance part becomes defective, the machine can’t produce heat.

No. 3: The Dryer Isn’t Tumbling

If you notice that the drum isn’t tumbling, the problem is likely a defective belt. It may be broken or worn, or the belt might not be in the proper position.

Clothes dryer repair could also involve replacing the drum rollers. These rollers support the drum and allow it to tumble, and they can become worn over time.

If the belt or the drum rollers is the issue, the machine’s motor will still be running. If it isn’t, either the motor’s start capacitor – or the entire motor – may need to be replaced.

No. 4: The Dryer Takes Too Long

Lint buildup can increase drying time. If the filter is clear, the blockage could lie in the ducts or venting hose.

Door seal damage may also be the culprit, if your dryer takes too long to finish a cycle. Without a proper seal, the machine can’t maintain the heat level needed for optimal drying times.

Clothes dryer repair could also require addressing mechanical problems. The thermostat may be faulty, the blower wheel may not be firmly attached to the drive motor shaft, or the heating element might be partially burned out.

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