Is Your Freezer Frosty? You Need Freezer Repair.

Few homeowners today are old enough to remember freezers that needed defrosting. That job is a thing of the past — or at least it should be. If you have frost in your frost-free freezer, you need freezer repair. Kimball Appliance Parts & Service provides freezer repair in Salt Lake City, Denver and Kansas City.

frosty freezer

Pre Frost-Free Freezers

The first refrigerators — called “iceboxes” — were literally wooden boxes with a block of ice in the top compartment that kept the food beneath it cold. As you may imagine, this technology was not good for keeping ice cream or popsicles for too long.

Frigidaire was the first company to mass-produce commercial refrigerators for home use. Their name became part of our lexicon the way “Kleenex” and “Band-aid” have, with moms directing kids to put food items “in the Frigidaire.”

Back then, and for many years after, it was necessary to defrost your freezer periodically — about once a month. This is still often necessary with the stand-alone freezer units homeowners keep to store extra food.

Defrosting a Freezer

The reason frost-free freezers caught on so quickly is because defrosting a freezer is a big pain. You have to turn the fridge off, take all the food out of the freezer and leave the door open while you use bowls of hot water and cloths to coax the ice off the walls.

The process is tedious, so understandably, homeowners would get impatient and hack at the frost with a sharp object, all too often breaking a hole in the freezer wall.

Freezer Repair

Today, if your freezer is building up frost quickly, you need freezer repair. However, if you only notice frost occasionally, the issue may be mistakes you’re making with your appliance. Frost accumulates due to moisture, and if you put hot foods or wet foods directly into the freezer, the humidity from these can cause frost to form.

However, if you have never done this or if you see frost buildup regardless, the issue could be a faulty sensor. Today’s freezers are built with sensors that detect frost buildup. When this happens, coils in the fridge heat up briefly to melt the ice. It’s a process that should occur without you even noticing. But if your sensor isn’t working, you will notice frost buildup.

Another culprit causing frost could be the gasket around your freezer door. If your freezer is old and your gasket is cracked, peeling or brittle, this will affect the ability of the seal to keep out moisture and may cause frost buildup. It will also cause your freezer to leak cold air, running up your electric bill.

A frost-free freezer that’s building up frost is not running efficiently. Call the techs at Kimball Appliance Parts & Service, serving Salt Lake City, Denver and Kansas City, for freezer repair. We will diagnose the problem and have your freezer running properly again in no time.

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