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Clothes Dryer Repair Problems & Solutions

Are you having issues with your clothes dryer? Repair could extend the life of the appliance, and the solution could be a simple one. That said, figuring out the right fix might be a challenge.

To help, we’ve compiled the most common clothes dryer repair problems and their possible solutions. Using the info below, you may be able to get your machine up and running again — but for the safest approach, you’ll want to call an expert appliance repair technician instead.

clothes dryer repair

Dryer Doesn’t Run

If your clothes dryer won’t start, the problem could lie in the wall outlet or a tripped circuit breaker. Then again, you may need to replace the door switch or thermal fuse to make the appliance operational.

Dryer Shuts Off Quickly

When your dryer shuts off moments after it starts, a broken thermostat or thermal resistor is the likely culprit. However, the issue might also be an overheating motor or a malfunctioning moisture sensor.

Dryer Doesn’t Heat Up

For a machine that isn’t heating, a faulty thermal fuse is the probable cause. If that’s not the issue, the heating element or a defective igniter, temperature switch, timer or thermostat might need to be replaced.

Dryer Takes a Long Time

The easiest dryer repair solution for a machine that takes forever to finish a cycle is to check the filter, ducts and venting hose for lint buildup. If that doesn’t help, you may have door seal damage or mechanical issues.

Dryer Doesn’t Tumble

When the drum of your dryer isn’t tumbling as it should, a broken or worn belt could be the problem. On the other hand, appliance repair may require the drum rollers or even the motor to be replaced.

Dryer Makes Odd Noises

If your machine is loud, makes strange sounds or vibrates when it’s running, a simple adjustment of its position may be the right solution. But, you could also be dealing with a damaged drive belt or faulty idler pulley.

Do You Need Professional Clothes Dryer Repair Services?

Some dryer issues can be resolved with a DIY fix, while others require the expertise of a qualified appliance repair technician. But in any case, having your machine serviced by a professional every now and then is strongly recommended – without proper care and maintenance, a clothes dryer can become a fire hazard and safety concern.

If you live in Utah, Colorado or Missouri, Kimball Appliance Parts and Service is the company to call for fast, effective and affordable appliance repair and maintenance solutions. Our technicians have decades of experience in the parts and service field, and we’re ready to meet all of your appliance repair needs.

For details on the professional services we provide to homeowners in Utah, Colorado and Missouri, or to schedule a clothes dryer repair consultation, contact us today.

Should You Get Appliance Repair or Replacement?

When an appliance breaks down, most homeowners hope that it can be fixed. That’s because appliance repair is so often significantly cheaper than replacement. But does it always make sense? The technicians at Kimball Appliance Parts & Service explain what to consider when deciding on appliance repair or replacement.

appliance repair

Age of the Appliance

The older appliances get, the less efficient they are. This is especially true if regular maintenance has not been done on the appliance. If your dryer vent is perennially clogged with lint, if your stovetop burners don’t light because they are full of debris or if your freezer space shrinks as the frost grows, your appliance is needlessly working overtime, and this shortens its life span.

Unlike furnaces or air conditioners, most small household appliances can be easily maintained by the homeowner. For tips about appliance maintenance such as how to clean refrigerator coils or get odors out of a washing machine, contact Kimball Appliance Parts & Service.

Cost of Appliance Repair

When you have an older appliance — even one that has been well maintained — you must weigh the cost of the appliance repair against how long you expect the appliance to last. Sometimes getting the opinion of the appliance repair technician can help you make this decision.

If your repair will cost $300, versus $1,500 for a new appliance, this sounds like a good deal. But how long will the repair last? Will something else break in the meantime? Will the appliance run well after the repair, or just so-so? These are not always questions that can be answered.

Can You Afford a New Appliance?

Appliance replacement is almost always more costly than appliance repair. But if a new appliance will be a budget-buster, you may not feel like you have a choice.

One thing to remember is that when you get a new appliance, it will be more efficient and cheaper to run. If you have a very old fridge, for instance, it might cost you $200 a year to run. In comparison, a new, Energy Star-rated fridge may cost $25 to run. While this is indisputably a significant savings, it’s not exactly enough to fund the purchase of a new fridge.

Most stores that carry appliances allow consumers to pay for them over time, or you can put your purchase on a credit card. Both of these options will mean incurring interest charges, however.

Sometimes the best solution is to pay for the appliance repair and immediately begin saving for new appliance, so when yours finally breaks down for good, you won’t have to ask yourself if you can afford a new one.

For the best appliance repair in Salt Lake City, Kansas City and Denver, trust Kimball Appliance Parts & Service.

Scotsman Ice System Maintenance & Repairs

The holidays are coming, and with them company, parties and many opportunities to use your Scotsman ice system. But have you had it serviced lately? The last thing you want is for it to conk out in the middle of your celebration. Call Kimball Appliance Parts & Service today to set up a maintenance check on your Scotsman ice machine.

Scotsman ice system

Scotsman Ice Machines

For years, Scotsman was a reliable provider of ice machines to commercial business such as bars, restaurants and cafeterias. When it expanded into the residential business, homeowners everywhere rejoiced at the opportunity to make slushies, cocktails and have parties in the heat of summer with coolers full of ice, beer, soft drinks and more.

Whether you previously used old-fashioned ice cube trays or you relied on your refrigerator to dispense your ice, neither is adequate if you’re having a party. Your guests expect cold beverages, and you can’t rely on Old Man Winter to keep them cool this holiday season.

Before you got your Scotsman Ice system, you had to go out and buy ice from the grocery store or another location. It’s inconvenient and it’s money you don’t need to spend. Your Scotsman ice machine has been a true convenience to you. But have you performed any maintenance on it?

Scotsman Ice Systems Maintenance

You should clean your Scotsman ice machine at least twice a year — more often if you have hard water. Follow the directions in your Scotsman ice system manual for proper cleaning of your ice machine.

When your filter or condenser is dirty, it can affect the operation of your Scotsman ice machine. It may make less ice than you want, it may make ice more slowly than before or it may leak.

If your Scotsman ice machine won’t make ice, you may think it’s broken, but oftentimes the solution is to move the machine, because it will not make ice when the temperature is below 55 degrees.

Scotsman Ice Machine Repairs

A common problem with Scotsman ice systems is that the machine will maddeningly say “bin full” when there is no ice in it. This is often a sensor issue. You can try cleaning the sensors, but you may need to call us for appliance repair.

If your Scotsman ice maker is making a scary noise, it’s best to call us right away, before the machine stops working altogether. Unusual noises worth investigating are squealing, louder-than-normal humming, grinding, rattling or whistling.

Funny-looking ice is another complaint we hear from time to time, and this is often due to leaks or broken or dirty parts. Call us for repairs.

Dependable Appliance Repair

Kimball Appliance Parts & Service repairs Scotsman ice systems, washers, dryers, refrigerators, freezers, stoves, ovens, dishwashers and more for clients in Denver, Salt Lake City and Kansas City, MO. Call us whenever your appliances are acting up, and we’ll get them back in line in a jiffy.

Stove Not Lighting? Call Kimball for Stove Repair.

Your stove is a critically important part of your kitchen. You could handwash the dishes if your dishwasher is broken or put your food in a cooler while you wait for refrigerator repair, but what can you do when your stove doesn’t work? You may have to cobble together meals by using the oven and microwave, but frying food is out. When your stove burners won’t light, call Kimball Appliance Parts & Service.

stove won’t light

How Stove Burners Work

Years ago, gas stoves had pilot lights that stayed on 24/7. When you turned the stove knob to release the gas, the pilot light would light the burner. Today’s stoves are safer and less wasteful because they use electronic ignition. When you turn your stove knob on, you’ll hear a clicking sound which is the electronic ignition making a spark to light the stove burner.

Troubleshooting Stove Burner

Sometimes, however, the stove clicks and clicks but doesn’t light. The main reason for this a that your burners are clogged with grease or food. You may be able to fix the problem by unbending a paper clip and inserting it into the tiny hole at the back of each burner. Give each a thorough routing and try lighting it again.

If this doesn’t help, it could be a problem with the igniter connection or a faulty switch. These issues are best handled by an experienced repair person, especially because it involves gas.

While you can manually light your stove burners with a match, you don’t want to have to keep doing this for any length of time. When you call Kimball Appliance Parts & Service, we come out to your home as quickly as possible. A burner that isn’t lighting is usually a fairly uninvolved fix, so we should have it taken care of quickly.

Fast, Efficient Appliance Repair

We service all makes and models of stoves, including Viking Ranges. It doesn’t matter if your stove is one year or 30 years old — our trained technicians know what to do to get it working again.

Once you work with Kimball Appliance Parts & Service, you’ll feel less stressed by any appliance breakdowns in your home, because you know that you’ll be able to depend on a repair company you trust. We’re known for being on time, providing repairs that last and charging fair, reasonable prices. Our professionals go the extra mile to locate parts for appliances that aren’t commonly available anymore. We treat every repair like a challenge.

Kimball Appliance Parts & Services provides appliance repairs to residents of Salt Lake City, Utah; Denver, Colorado; and Kansas City, Missouri.

Expert Appliance Repair in Salt Lake City

If you live in Salt Lake City, you want to find an appliance repair shop you can rely on. That’s Kimball Appliance Parts & Service. We have many years of experience repairing all makes and models of home appliances, including washers, dryers, stoves, ovens, refrigerators, freezers and more.

As appliance repair techs in Salt Lake City, we tend to see the same types of problems with home appliances. These include:

appliance repair

Washer Won’t Drain

There are a number of reasons your washer won’t drain. It could be a kink in the hose, a clog in the drain or a part on your washer that needs replacing. Call Kimball for appliance repair — we can help.

Dryer Isn’t Spinning

While we get a lot of calls about dryers that won’t heat up, we also get plenty of calls for dryers that won’t tumble the clothes. The problem is usually a broken belt. The belt is what spins the drum inside the dryer, and replacing it is usually an easy fix.

Stove Won’t Light

Sometimes homeowners can solve the problem of the stove not lighting on their own by cleaning the burner area carefully. Grease and grime buildup are the main causes of stoves not lighting. However, if cleaning doesn’t work, call us for appliance repair. Problems with gas stoves are not usually DIY fixes.

Oven Doesn’t Turn On

It’s frustrating when you preheat the oven for dinner only to find that it’s still cold 10 or 15 minutes later. You’re left with no way to cook the dinner you planned. This is often an igniter issue, or some faulty wiring. It’s usually fixable, but it’s definitely a job for a professional appliance repair tech.

Refrigerator Is Leaking

At one time or another, we have all probably lived in an apartment in which we kept a rag under the fridge because it was always leaking. We understand — you hate to pay for a service call if the problem isn’t serious. With a leaking fridge, you may want to try checking your freezer to see if you inadvertently blocked the defrost drain. If moving items around in your freezer doesn’t help, the problem could be your supply lines or defrost drain. Our techs can help.

Freezer Isn’t Cold Enough

Your freezer may feel cold, but your ice cream may be too soft. If your freezer isn’t keeping your food frozen, it could be in danger of spoiling. Check to make sure the gasket around the freezer door is tightly gripping the fridge all the way around. Old gaskets can dry out and crack. Cleaning your coils in back of the fridge also might help. If these fixes don’t do the trick, call Kimball Appliance.

Best Appliance Repair in Salt Lake City

Kimball Appliance Parts & Services serves customers in Salt Lake City, Utah; Kansas City, Missouri; and Denver, Colorado. Trust our technicians with all your appliance repair needs.