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How to Save Money on Residential Appliance Repair

Scheduling residential appliance repair instead of replacing a malfunctioning machine is a great way to save money. After all, buying a new appliance could cost you hundreds or even thousands more than fixing the one you already own.

That said, no one looks forward to the unexpected expense of residential appliance repair. Fortunately, there are several easy steps you can take to cut your costs. For a fix that doesn’t blow your budget, try one or more of the following strategies.

How to save money on appliance repair

Try Simple Solutions

Sometimes, simple troubleshooting can save you from even paying for an appliance repair service call. The problem could be a tripped circuit breaker or blown fuse, or you may just need to push a reset button.

Check Your Warranty

When did you purchase your appliance? If it’s still under warranty, the repair parts are probably covered – and if you’re lucky, you might not even have to pay the labor costs.

Note the Brand & Model

Before you schedule a repair service call, write down your appliance’s brand name and model number. This information ensures the technician brings the right tools and replacement parts for the repair to the initial appointment.

Write Down the Symptoms

It’s easy to forget the specifics of an appliance problem when talking to a service technician, and the smallest detail can make a difference in the diagnosis and repair. Take the time to jot down the symptoms before you call, and you’re likely to get a faster fix – which translates to lower labor charges.

Choose the Right Appliance Repair Service

Contact a few highly-rated repair services and ask about their rates and guarantee. Find out, too, if they stock replacement parts for your appliance. Choosing a company that has extensive experience with the brand and the parts you may need can reduce your repair times and costs.

Be Ready for Residential Appliance Repair

Most authorized service technicians charge by the hour for repair work, so you want to make sure none of that time is wasted waiting for access to your appliance. Before the service call, get ready for the repair – drain the washing machine, remove the clothes from the dryer, empty the dishwasher, whatever is necessary – to keep the labor charges low.

Schedule Periodic Appliance Maintenance & Inspection

Keeping your appliances maintained is one of the best ways to extend the life of the appliance and prevent expensive emergencies. While performing routine maintenance, the technician will be on the lookout for potential problems. Addressing these issues before they lead to a breakdown will ensure reliable operation and optimal energy use.

If you’re in need of affordable residential appliance repair and you live in Utah or Colorado, call the authorized service technicians at Kimball Appliance Parts and Service.

With us, you can count on clear, upfront pricing and competitive rates for appliance repair and preventive maintenance. And, with our specialized training and decades of experience repairing all of the leading brands – including Viking Range Corporation and Scotsman Ice Systems – the Kimball team can provide a fast, expert fix for any appliance that’s on the fritz.

Kimball Appliance Parts and Service is available to help you with routine repair service throughout Utah and Colorado. To discuss residential appliance repair with our authorized service team, contact our Salt Lake City or Denver office today.

Front Load Washer Repair: When Your Washing Machine Won’t Drain

You might need to contact a front load washer repair technician if your washing machine isn’t draining properly. But, before you pick up the phone to schedule a service call, is there anything you can do to get your appliance back in good working order?

In some cases, front load washing machines that are out of whack are simple and easy to fix. However, if you aren’t careful, you could find yourself with a major household flooding situation, potentially causing thousands of dollars in damage.

You can try to troubleshoot the problem but, to ensure your machine is repaired safely and correctly, contact a local washer repair expert.

Front load washer repair troubleshooting

Is the Washer Receiving Power?

If your front load washing machine has gone dead in the middle of a cycle and remains filled with water, check for power problems. A tripped circuit breaker, blown fuse or loose plug could be to blame, and these issues are relatively easy to fix.

Is Oversudsing the Issue?

If your washing machine tub contains super soapy water, too much laundry detergent might be the reason it isn’t draining properly. To solve oversudsing, run the washer on the cold water setting. Add fabric softener during the rinse cycle to help eliminate the extra soap.

Is the Drain Hose Blocked?

If the drain hose is bent or twisted, your washer won’t be able to drain as it should. Remove the hose and check for kinks and blockages from laundry or other obstructions. Make sure, too, that the hose isn’t draining from a height of greater than eight feet, too – if it is, that could be the source of your drainage problem.

Is Something Caught in the Drain Trap?

If your front load washing machine has a buildup of lint, a piece of clothing or anything else in the drain trap, it won’t drain. Gently pry open the trap and remove the screw cap, using a bucket to catch any water that comes out. Once the draining is done, clear the trap completely.

Do You Need Expert Front Load Washer Repair?

If none of these fixes worked for your washing machine, it’s time to turn the problem over to a trustworthy front load washer repair technician. Look for a professional with specialized training and extensive experience in appliance repair – and, in particular, expertise with the brand of washer you own.

Try to find a washer repair technician with easy access to manufacturer-authorized parts, too. Your front load washing machine will be up and running much faster if you don’t have to wait for any parts to be ordered.

If you live in Utah or Colorado and are in need of expert front load washer repair, call on the professionals at Kimball Appliance Parts and Service. Our team has specialized training and decades of experience with all of the leading appliance brands – including Scotsman Ice Systems and Viking Range Corporation.

Kimball Appliance Parts and Service offers transparent pricing, competitive rates and friendly service. And, we always have a vast selection of parts and tools on hand to provide an immediate fix for appliance problems. If your washing machine won’t drain, contact our service center in Salt Lake City, Utah, or Denver, Colorado, to schedule a consultation for front load washer repair today.

Scotsman Appliance Repair: Reasons for Ice Production Problems

When you’re in need of Scotsman appliance repair, pinpointing the exact reason for your ice production problem can be challenging. Scotsman ice-making machines are complex, high-tech products, so they have a multitude of parts that could be responsible for the malfunction.

If your Scotsman machine is making too much or too little ice, or if the cubes are coming out misshapen, call on a local authorized service technician with expertise in Scotsman appliance repair to get the problem fixed fast. While you can try troubleshooting on your own, a number of issues could be to blame.scotsman ice maker problems


A leak could be the reason a Scotsman ice-making machine isn’t producing the right amount of ice cubes. Leaks can occur in any of the valves, or they can come from worn fittings, tubing or drain components.

Condenser Blockage

When Scotsman ice-making machines have production problems, the condenser might have a buildup of dirt or scale. Cleaning the component could help, but it may also need to be replaced.

Low Room Temperature

If the temperature in the room is too low – below 55 degrees – a Scotsman machine won’t produce any ice. In that case, moving the appliance to a warmer spot or adjusting the thermostat could fix the problem.

Sensor Malfunction

When the “Bin Full” light is on, but the bin clearly isn’t full, the issue is probably in the ice sensors. To fix this Scotsman appliance problem, these parts may need to be cleaned or replaced.

Faulty Thermistor

An ice bin that’s overflowing could be the result of a bad thermistor. Identifying this issue requires testing with a multimeter, and a negative reading means replacing the component is a must to repair the Scotsman appliance.

Dirty Filter

When the cubes coming from a Scotsman ice-making machine are melted or misshapen, the problem may be in the water filter. Cleaning or replacing this part could be the solution.

Defective Spray Jet

In a Scotsman machine, ice cubes that don’t look right may be due to an issue with the spray jets. When these appliance parts are dirty or damaged, the cubes have odd shapes or come out smaller than normal.

Do you need Scotsman appliance repair? For a fast, effective fix from an authorized service technician in Utah or Colorado, schedule a consultation with the professionals at Kimball Appliance Parts and Service.

The Kimball team has specialized training in repairing many high-end appliances, including Scotsman ice-making machines and Viking Range Corporation products. Our decades of experience, on-the-spot repairs and upfront, affordable pricing set us apart from the competition – we’re the company to call when any home appliance isn’t running right.

Kimball Appliance Parts and Service is standing by, ready to help with emergency and routine repairs. Contact our Salt Lake City, Utah, or Denver, Colorado office and schedule a professional consultation to discuss Scotsman appliance repair today.

For Viking Range Appliance Repair, Use an Authorized Service Team

When you invest in a high-quality Viking range appliance, repair is not on your mind. Why should it be, with the company’s commitment to product performance and long-term durability?

As with other kitchen appliances, however, Viking products can break down. If yours experiences an issue, don’t trust just anyone for the fix. You need a local authorized service technician, like the professionals at Kimball Appliance Parts and Repair.

viking range appliance repair


Viking is a high-tech brand, and their products have complex, intricate designs. As such, repair can be quite complicated – and, often, beyond the scope of anyone who doesn’t have special training.

Authorized service technicians have extensive expertise in all aspects of Viking range repair. They’re experts, so they possess the skill and knowledge to find the source of a problem and provide an effective fix,

Warranty Coverage

Viking products come with warranty coverage – as with other high-end appliance brands, Viking stands behind their ranges. So, if yours malfunctions, you may not have to pay for appliance repair.

However, who you hire for the repair work matters. To preserve your warranty coverage, choose an authorized service technician. Leave the task to someone who doesn’t have the proper training, and you could be left footing the bill when the warranty is voided.

Immediate Service

An authorized service technician has the skill to diagnose and repair Viking products — and, just as important, easy access to Viking-issued replacement parts for ranges. Some repair specialists, including Kimball Appliance Parts and Service, have a fully-stocked fleet with a vast selection of parts along with the tools needed for replacement.

When an appliance repair specialist has Viking-issued parts and the tools to install them on hand, restoring a range to working order never has to wait. The fix happens immediately, which means you can get back to cooking family meals much faster.

Viking Range Repair from Utah to Colorado

If you need an authorized service technician for Viking range appliance repair in Utah or Colorado, turn to the professionals at Kimball Appliance Parts and Service.

With specialized training and extensive experience in Viking range appliance repair –and decades of top-notch customer service – the Kimball team are the technicians to call when your machine malfunctions.

Kimball Appliance Parts and Service offers clear, upfront pricing and competitive rates. And with service divisions in Salt Lake City and Denver, we’re able to help homeowners throughout Utah and Colorado. To talk to our authorized service team about Viking range appliance repair, contact us today.

Avoid Refrigerator Repair with These 7 Simple Tips

Chances are, you will need refrigerator repair eventually, even if your fridge and freezer are working reliably to keep your food cold.

The good news is that you can take steps to keep your appliance running smoothly and prevent a premature breakdown. Follow our easy maintenance tips and you shouldn’t have to worry about needing refrigerator repair anytime soon.avoid refrigerator repair

No. 1: Clean Under and Behind the Refrigerator

If the condenser coils are covered in dust, your fridge will have to work and may not remain trouble-free for long. To avoid refrigerator repair, clean under and behind the unit periodically.

No. 2: Check the Refrigerator Door Seal

The rubber seals on your fridge and freezer doors can wear down and allow air to escape. To keep your appliance running efficiently, check and replace the door seals as needed.

No. 3: Let Leftovers Cool Down

Your fridge has to work double-time to cool down hot foods, which puts extra stress on the compressor and can lead to an early breakdown. Let your leftovers reach room temperature before refrigerating to help prevent this problem.

No. 4: Cover Refrigerated Foods

Moisture from exposed foods seeps out into the air and makes the compressor work extra hard, which can take a toll on your refrigerator. To avoid refrigerator repair, keep your leftovers covered.

No. 5: Keep Freezer Vents Clear

The vents in your freezer allow air to circulate, which is essential for efficient operation. If you want to avoid refrigerator repair, clear the vents from time to time and make sure your food packages don’t block the openings.

No. 6: Check the Temperature Controls

Refrigerator repair technicians recommend setting the fridge temperature between 38 and 42 degrees and setting the freezer between 0 and 10 degrees. This won’t necessarily prevent problems, but it will help prolong the lifespan of your appliance.

No. 7: Fill Up the Refrigerator and Freezer Space

A full refrigerator enables the condenser to function more efficiently, as each cold item works to help keep the entire space at the right temperature. If you don’t usually buy enough food to fill the fridge, use water bottles. Be careful, though, not to overload the doors, shelves and bins with too much weight.

Is your fridge already in need of repair? For a fast fix at an affordable price, call on the professionals at Kimball Appliance Parts and Service.

The Kimball team has decades of experience repairing refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, dishwashers and many other home appliances. Our specialized training with all of the leading brands – including Viking Range Corporation and Scotsman Ice Systems – allows us to provide quick, expert repair.

With service divisions in Utah and Colorado, Kimball Appliance Parts and Service professional and courteous appliance maintenance to homeowners from Salt Lake City to Denver and everywhere in-between. If your fridge is on the fritz, contact us to schedule your refrigerator repair today.

Viking Range Appliance Repair: Troubleshooting Tips

If you own a Viking range, appliance repair is not something you’ll need very often. The Viking brand is among the best in the world, and their professional-grade ranges offer reliable performance.

Despite the impressive quality and innovative technology, these kitchen wonders do have problems now and then. If yours isn’t functioning properly, this Viking range appliance repair troubleshooting guide may help you understand what might be causing the issue and what you can do to get the range back in operation.

 viking range repair

If the Range Won’t Function at All…


When a range fails to do anything at all, the most likely cause is a lack of electrical power. Check to see if the circuit breaker has been tripped and take a look at the fuses – one may be blown. If neither of those is the issue, the wiring within the range could be the culprit.


If the Self-Clean Feature Isn’t Working…


When the self-clean feature isn’t functional, the solution could be as simple as pushing the range door closed. The door needs to be shut tightly, or the self-cleaning cycle won’t start.


If your problem is that the self-cleaning cycle didn’t seem to actually do any cleaning, the temperature control knob could be to blame. If it’s not rotated properly, completely past clean until it stops, the feature won’t work.


If the Range Won’t Broil…


When the broil feature on a Viking range isn’t operating as it should, the problem may also be in the temperature control knob. In this case, the knob may have been rotated beyond the broil position. Try the feature again, fixing the temperature at the broil setting – not past it – and you should be back to broiling.


If the Ignitors Have Problems…


When the range ignitor won’t even spark, a power issue, like a tripped circuit breaker or blown fuse, could be the reason. If the ignitor sparks, but the flame refuses to ignite, gas isn’t being supplied – which means either the gas supply valve is in the ‘off’ position or the home supply to the range has been interrupted.


If none of these troubleshooting tips worked to restore your range to working condition, contacting an authorized service technician is the best solution. For fast, effective Viking range appliance repair in Utah or Colorado, turn to the professionals at Kimball Appliance Parts and Service.


With extensive experience and specialized training in repairing all of the leading appliance brands, including Viking Range Corporation, the Kimball team as the knowledge and skill to get your range running again.


To schedule your expert Viking range appliance repair, contact our Salt Lake City or Denver office today.

Is It Time for Appliance Repair or Replacement?

Should you schedule appliance repair or spring for a replacement machine?

You might think starting fresh with a brand new machine is best. In most cases, however, appliance repair is a smarter choice. Repairing an oven, refrigerator, washer, dryer, dishwasher or other home appliance that has stopped working usually costs much less than purchasing a replacement – and often, a seemingly-dead machine only needs a quick and simple fix.

appliance repair replacement

However, the appliance repair-or-replace decision isn’t always easy to make. If you’re unsure which route to take, ask yourself the following questions.

Is the Appliance Really Broken?

At the first sign of trouble with an appliance, some people overreact and head right out to buy a replacement machine. Before you jump the gun, take a look to make sure there’s no obvious issue like a tripped circuit breaker or clogged vent. Ask any repair technician – these types of issues are surprisingly common.

Has the Appliance Broken Down Before?

If this is your machine’s first offense, running out and immediately buying a replacement really doesn’t make sense. Of course, the reverse may be true if you’re constantly facing malfunctions and breakdowns – but checking with an appliance repair technician first is still a good idea.

Are There Hidden Costs to Replacement?

In some cases, the cost of buying a new machine ends up being much higher than the store price tag. The kitchen cabinetry may need to be modified to put a new refrigerator in the old spot, for example. Or, the home’s electrical wiring may need an upgrade for a new oven with all the latest bells and whistles. When replacement comes with hidden costs, appliance repair can definitely be a bargain.

Do You Still Have Warranty Protection?

If your machine really is broken – or you think it might be – check your owner’s manual to see if it is still under warranty. If coverage is still in effect, you may be able to completely cut the costs of appliance repair or replacement.

Are You Concerned About Energy Efficiency?

Replacing an old, power-hungry clunker with an energy-efficient machine can be a money-wise move. However, for appliances that still have many years of useful life left, buying a replacement may not be cost-effective – you could spend thousands, only to save hundreds on your energy bills.

If one the appliances in your northern Utah home goes south, don’t rush out and buy a replacement – let the professionals at Kimball Appliance Parts and Service take a look first. Our specialized training, decades of experience and fully-stocked repair fleet means we can fix most problems quickly, saving you the time and expense of investing in a new machine.

When appliances are on the fritz, homeowners in the greater Salt Lake City area turn to the Kimball Appliance Parts and Service team. We offer free, no-obligation appliance repair estimates, so what have you got to lose? Contact us and schedule a consultation today!

Top 5 Signs You Need Oven Repair

Noticing the need for oven repair not only prevents safety concerns, but it can also save you money.

Fixing a broken oven sooner rather than later can keep the problem from becoming worse and, therefore, more expensive to resolve. Plus, if you call for oven repair early on, you shouldn’t even have to think about budgeting for a costly replacement appliance.oven repair needed

If your oven won’t turn on at all, you know to contact an authorized service technician. But sometimes, appliance problems aren’t quite so obvious. Watch for these five red flags and, if you spot any of these issues, you may need to call for oven repair.

No. 1: Gas Smell

Because gas has no natural odor, a harmless chemical is added to make it smell like rotten eggs. If you notice that scent after turning on your gas stove, oven or range, turn it off and reach out to an oven repair expert right away. You could have a leak, and continuing to use the appliance is dangerous.

No. 2: Electrical Issues

Don’t have a gas appliance? Electric ovens may not leak dangerous gas, but they can develop unsafe power issues. If the controls don’t respond right away, the appliance refuses to turn on or you observe fluctuations in power, stay on the safe side and schedule oven repair as soon as possible.

No. 3: Oven Door Won’t Close

So your oven door doesn’t shut all the way – what’s the big deal? Simply put, if the door can’t close properly, you can’t properly cook your food. An authorized service technician can replace the hinges or refit the door, saving your meals and allowing your appliance to work at optimal efficiency.

No. 4: Changes in Cooking Times

Are your tried-and-tested recipes are suddenly coming out undercooked or burned for no apparent reason? Or have you had to alter the cooking times for meals that regularly hit your family menus? Any differences like these need to be addressed by an expert in oven repair.

No. 5: Burner Problems

If the burners on the top of your oven aren’t acting right –they don’t turn on immediately or fail to get as hot as they should, for example – ensure your safety and speak with an authorized service technician soon. Getting prompt attention from a repair professional is a good idea, even if the burner problem springs up only occasionally.

For an expert fix from an authorized service technician in northern Utah, turn to the professionals at Kimball Appliance Parts and Service.

Our specialized training with all of the top oven brands and our decades of experience in the parts and service field set us apart from the competition. We can repair your home appliances quickly and we’ll get the job done for an affordable price.

The authorized service technicians at Kimball Appliance Parts and Service are always available for oven repair. To schedule a consultation, contact our Salt Lake City office today.

Clothes Dryer Repair Resolves These Common Problems

Do you need clothes dryer repair?

If your dryer isn’t working properly, the appliance may only require a simple fix. However, determining the right dryer repair solution can be difficult, since every issue can have several potential causes. Clothes Dryer Repair


Hiring a local appliance parts and dryer repair service is your best bet, if you want to avoid going to the laundromat – and who wants to do that?!

No. 1: The Dryer Won’t Turn On

If your clothes dryer won’t start at all, it may not be getting power. The wall outlet could be the source of the problem, or you may have tripped a circuit breaker.

The dryer repair solution may also be to replace the door switch. When this component deteriorates or becomes damaged, it can prevent the appliance from turning on.

A blown thermal fuse is another possible cause. However, this is only likely if the temperature gets too high and the appliance overheats.

No. 2: The Dryer Isn’t Heating Up

If your machine isn’t producing heat – assuming you don’t have it on a no-heat setting — a tripped or burned out thermal fuse could be to blame.

The problem may also be in one of the appliance parts involved in controlling heat operations. Clothes dryer repair may require replacement of the temperature switch, thermostat or timer.

Another possible reason is an issue with the heating element. If this appliance part becomes defective, the machine can’t produce heat.

No. 3: The Dryer Isn’t Tumbling

If you notice that the drum isn’t tumbling, the problem is likely a defective belt. It may be broken or worn, or the belt might not be in the proper position.

Clothes dryer repair could also involve replacing the drum rollers. These rollers support the drum and allow it to tumble, and they can become worn over time.

If the belt or the drum rollers is the issue, the machine’s motor will still be running. If it isn’t, either the motor’s start capacitor – or the entire motor – may need to be replaced.

No. 4: The Dryer Takes Too Long

Lint buildup can increase drying time. If the filter is clear, the blockage could lie in the ducts or venting hose.

Door seal damage may also be the culprit, if your dryer takes too long to finish a cycle. Without a proper seal, the machine can’t maintain the heat level needed for optimal drying times.

Clothes dryer repair could also require addressing mechanical problems. The thermostat may be faulty, the blower wheel may not be firmly attached to the drive motor shaft, or the heating element might be partially burned out.

If your clothes dryer has problems and you need a fast, effective repair solution, call on Kimball Appliance Parts and Service. We keep a vast selection of parts on hand, for both the most popular and high-end brands, and our fully-stocked repair fleet allows us to solve our customers’ appliance problems throughout northern Utah.

The professionals at Kimball Appliance Parts and Service have decades of experience with appliance repair – which means we can fix your dryer problem once and for all. Contact our Salt Lake City office today to schedule a clothes dryer repair appointment.

Will Viking Range Repair Void Your Warranty?

Will your Viking Range repair void the manufacturer’s warranty?

This is an important question to ponder before you randomly choose a Utah appliance repair company at random or, worse, attempt a DIY repair. If you don’t choose your Utah appliance repair service carefully, even the most basic repair can void your warranty.

The Viking Range company manufactures some of the world’s finest professional-grade appliances, made for use in the home. They also provide an exceptional level of warranty coverage. So, before you put your warranty at risk, consider how a service call could affect your coverage.

Viking Range Repair Warranty

Viking Range & Appliance Warranty Coverage

The Viking brand is renowned for its exceptional performance, quality and durability. It’s also no secret that these high-end appliances – including ranges, refrigerators and ice makers – require a serious financial investment. But, when you want quality home appliances, you definitely get what you pay for, and Viking is no exception.

The company also provides a highly comprehensive warranty on all its products. For example, the company provides a full, two-year warranty on its freestanding ice machines with a full six-year and a limited 12-year warranty on the sealed refrigeration system components (condenser, evaporator, etc.).

For most Viking ranges, the company provides a full two-year warranty and a limited five-year warranty on gas burners and electric elements.

This coverage is impressive, especially as compared to many other appliance brands. But, to keep your warranty coverage intact for the full edibility period, you have to follow the rules.

The Challenge of Viking Range & Appliance Repair

If you need repair on your Viking appliance during the warranty period, you can only have the work done by a Viking- authorized service technician.

If you have your appliance repair performed by anyone who is not authorized, it may void your warranty immediately. Likewise, if you attempt to open up your appliance and change out a part or troubleshoot a problem, you may also void your warranty.

Viking has a good reason for implementing this strict policy (a policy that many premium appliance brands embrace). These appliances use complex and highly sensitive electronic components, with systems that are unlike most standard appliance configurations. Unless a service technician is specifically trained to handle a Viking appliance, they are likely to cause more problems than they cure.

For that reason, Viking only certifies appliance repair companies whose technicians are specially trained in the service and repair of their products. In addition, authorized repair companies can only use genuine Viking parts in their repairs.

Requesting Viking Range Appliance Repair in Utah

Kimball Appliance Parts & Service is a Viking-certified service and repair company. We stock a full line of factory parts for all Viking appliance types, from ranges and range hoods to ice machines and wine refrigerators.

We are authorized to provide warranty repairs too. To request service, simply locate the model and serial numbers for your appliance and give us a call. If you’re having trouble locating your model and serial number, we can help you find it on the appliance itself in most cases.

Trust the Kimball team for all your northern Utah appliance repair needs. We’re also factory-authorized for Scotsman Ice Systems and other high-end brands. Contact us today to schedule your appointment or to request Viking range repair or warranty service.